alcohol counsellor Locations
alcohol counsellor Locations

Telephone counselling can take place anywhere in the UK. Locations Covered – We use to just cover Winchester and surrounding areas, but due to high demand we have now extended our practice to cover Eastleigh, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas as well. We are based in Winchester just off the M3 at junction 9.

Our services are prepared to go (or travel) the distance to help you. We believe that we can help every person that comes to us, which is why we have continued to expand our services. Our dedicated team are always happy to help.

Summary of locations covered:

Winchester, Eastleigh, Basingstoke and all surrounding areas. Why not give us a call? Or get us to call you! To find our contact details, they are at the top of the page. You may be interested in looking at our other branches more suited to specific needs:

For Drug or Alcohol addiction: Addiction Helpline

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